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The Good Shepherd Catholic College
Mount Isa
Year 9 Pastoral Care

Year 9 Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Program in Year 9 focuses on a variety of different topics including goal setting and time management. Discovering learning styles by exploring Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences in order to help the students develop specific strategies and approaches to study that meet the needs of their unique learning style. The students also participate in activities in preparation for NAPLAN. These include: stress management and exam preparation.

In Term 2, the Year 9 girls also have the opportunity to participate in a full day workshop facilitated by Enlighten Education. This retreat focuses on helping young women to develop positive self-image, self-esteem and understand the role the media has in shaping their values and perceptions.

The Year 9 boys participate in a bi-annual workshop run by Odyssey Education. The workshop focuses on masculinity and identity, mate-ship and friendship, drugs and alcohol and girls and relationships.

Other focuses of our program include: developing positive relationships, peer pressure, conflict resolution and communication skills. Each of these topics are essential in helping the students to establish and maintain positive relationships with their peers, teachers and family and to provide them with strategies that help them resolve disagreements in a respectful and mature way.

The cohort will also participate in a 'Team, Challenge, Retreat' which takes place in Term 3. The retreat takes place over two days and allows students to build and develop skills and relationships with people in their cohort. The students participate in a number of activities that focus on promoting team interaction, challenging them both physically and mentally, all whilst having fun. The retreat also sets a challenge for the cohort; making the trek out to Lake Moondarra. The two day retreat unifies the Year 9 group by getting them to achieve a common goal.

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Traditional Owners Kalkadoon People

The Good Shepherd Catholic College community acknowledges the Kalkadoon People, The Traditional owners of the land on which our college sits. We also acknowledge and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres strait islander elders, past, present and emerging.