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Concession Information

Concession Information

Concession Procedure

  1. Parent/s or guardian/s request an interview with the Principal through the Principal's Secretary.
  2. A concession form is filled out by the Principal in conjunction with the parent/s or guardian/s during the interview.
  3. The concession form is signed by the Principal and the parent/s or guardian/s.
  4. The concession form is handed to the Finance Manager to set up the payment arrangement.
  5. It is preferred that the parent/s or guardian/s can set up their payment plan the same day of the interview with the Principal.
  6. The concession form and all documentation are kept in a file in the Finance Managers office.

Notes for Principal

a) The Principal has the right to determine the concession granted. This concession is determined on a case by case basis.

b) No allowance is made for luxury items such as family holidays, luxury cars, investment houses, pools etc. The burden of such items is on the parent/s or guardian/s.

c) Any fees that are to be paid by the parent/s or guardian/s should be made by direct deposit. This arrangement may be made with the college Finance Manager after the interview with the Principal.

d) Once a concession is granted, it is essential that this commitment is honored in full and on time. If circumstances change, it is the responsibility of the parent/s or guardian/s to inform the college.

e) Unless prior arrangements have been made, the college expects that fees will be paid by the due date. If there is a problem in meeting this deadline, a letter of explanation should be sent to the Finance Manager.

f) If concessions are required beyond the current year, new arrangements must be negotiated. Concession arrangements last one (1) year only.

g) All concession information is regarded as confidential, stored in a secure location and not disclosed to any other party.

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