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Reference Guide

Citing and Referencing

In high school, you are expected to cite and reference all information you use in your assignments.

Citing is when you use and acknowledge someone else’s work to support your argument or illustrate your point.

Referencing is when you give bibliographic information – details such as authors family name and the date and title of the publication – about the sources you used in your work.

Why do it?

We cite to acknowledge someone else’s work.

You need to cite when you:

  • Use a direct quote from someone else
  • Give a summary of someone else’s ideas
  • Paraphrase someone else’s ideas
  • Copy some information (such as a picture, a table or some statistics).

We reference to provide details about the sources that have been cited.

You need to reference in order to:

  • Support your ideas and arguments using expert facts or ideas
  • Acknowledge (give credit for) facts and ideas that you have used
  • Help other readers find the original facts and ideas – or works – that you have used
  • Show readers the depth and quality of your reading and research.

Citing and referencing are essential to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty and incurs severe penalties. Plagiarism is when you do not give credit to the author/s for information used in your own work, by:

  • Copying the work of another student
  • Directly copying or buying any part of another author’s work
  • Directly copying and pasting information from the internet
  • Paraphrasing or summarising someone else’s ideas
  • Using the idea or thesis from someone else’s work
  • Using experimental results from someone else’s work.

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