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Learning Enrichment

The Learning Enrichment Team at our College aims to:
  • Identify and support students who have learning difficulties or disabilities
  • Assist the academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of students with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Work in partnership with parents and guardians to meet the unique needs of students
  • Liaise with the School Guidance Officer and local specialists
  • Provide a safe and caring environment for all students, including those with disabilities or significant learning difficulties, where students feel valued and included

Students with special needs share in all aspects of our College life. Teacher aides are provided for students who have verified learning difficulties and disabilities. However, students are always supported and encouraged to participate completely in the curriculum and classroom. Where possible, students with verified learning difficulties or disabilities will access the same age-appropriate curriculum as their peers.

To ensure that students feel supported and included in all facets of our College, our Learning Enrichment Team offers:
  • Extended transition programs where students visit the College regularly, become familiar with the campus and meet key teachers in preparation for the start of Year 8
  • Support Meetings where teachers and key stakeholders discuss how we can best support the needs of students
  • The development of Individual Education Plans in collaboration with parents/guardians, the student and teachers
  • A range of strategies to help students cope with any pressures or anxieties they are experiencing (e.g. chill out cards)
  • One-on-one teacher assistance time in classrooms
  • Withdrawing students for one-on-one literacy and numeracy support if necessary
  • Support for senior students in their chosen pathway including the Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement
  • A very caring, safe and inclusive attitude to supporting all students

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Phone (07) 4743 2509
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